At the moment, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in two different formats: our classic 500mL bottle and the small 100mL  tin-can.

     To create the glass flagon which contains our exceptional product, we returned to classical imagery of precious perfumes and liquors derived from medicinal herbs cultivated and distilled by monks. Due to Bolsena’s long history under the tutelage of the Church and the fact that our estate is traversed by the Via Francigena, a pilgrimage trail over 1600 kilometers long that pilgrims travel from Canterbury to Rome.

     To optimally preserve all the qualities of our oil, we have chosen a dark antique green glass, reputed for its ability to conserve the liquid within from temperature and light damage.

     Conversely, the choice of a small tin is a modern and dynamic choice that is coherent with the diminutive size of this format. It blends the practicality at the heart of everything we do with an extreme functionality that allows use of the product in all occasions.